SEO Content Writing for Profit: How to Deal With Search Engine Changes in 2013

What happened with article spinning strategies for SEO content writing?

Having been a long-time fan of online article marketing for profit, I was completely devastated with the recent “Google slap” of article marketing strategies for SEO content writing. All those outdated strategies for back-linking articles I’d taken so long to learn just weren’t working as well as they did in 2010 when I could rise to the top of Google in a couple of days.

Holy Crap! My SEO content writing strategies aren’t working!

Sadly, I have to admit that, in the whole scheme of things, it really is better this way. I mean, why should someone who has a kick-ass article marketing tool beat me out of my pure quality article just because he has bigger bad-ass tools? After all, Google is really only looking out for the guy searching the net who just wants to wind up with what he’s searching for.

But it kind of does make sense when you think of it from the prospective of the consumer…

No one wants to end up with a piece of content that doesn’t even make sense because of all the non-human automation it’s gone through. And, if that’s what people wound up with all the time when they were trying to search for answers on Google, then people would eventually stop searching!

So the answer to make everyone happy is to simply give people what they’re looking for. Try to ask yourself what you would be searching for if you were searching to buy your product, and then build your SEO content writing around that keyword phrase.

So just how do you make the search engines happy with “proper” SEO content writing?

And how do you know how many people might be searching Google for that keyword phrase? The simplest answer is to use the free “Google external keyword tool” which can be accessed at “”.

Keyword Research is Mandatory for SEO Content Writing

But actually, the basics are still the same. Google is still ranking for articles that are both relevant and popular. You can easily make your content relevant by placing your keyword phrase throughout your article, particularly in the title, sub-titles, first sentence and last sentence.

For YouTube content, you need to make sure the keyword phrase is in the title of the video as well as the description.

“Popular” SEO Content Writing Strategies of Today…

But how in the heck can you make it popular without sending those spammy backlinks? Backlinks still work; however they must be high quality backlinks. Google will look at the age of the domain, its page rank, and referring domains from high quality sites to designate your site as “popular”.

So the key is to link your SEO content writing to a high authority site that will drive traffic, and put money in your pocket.

Popular SEO Content Writing…

Google gives sites an Alexa score to reveal popularity of that site. To find out the Alexa score on any site, simply go to “” to discover the score. The lower the score, the more popular the site. So it’s important to check out your competition for a particular keyword phrase before you prepare your SEO content writing, as you don’t want to waste your time.

So now you’ve found a keyword phrase with low competition that you know you can beat.